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Monday, March 28, 2016

Selenium - TestNG - Jenkins Integration

As current agile development process keep on expecting more testing with continuous integration stuff, I am going to give brief summary about how we can integrate the CI process with Jenkins.

1. Your Selenium project
2. Your Selenium and TestNG lib locations
3. Jenkins installed. Ensure IIS in your machine installed and you can access Jenkins Dashboard using http://localhost:8080/

Before creating a job under Jenkins, try to run your selenium tests from command line.

Selenium - CommandLine:

Let's say, you have project called SeleniumProject under C:\Eclipse folder. Assume you have all your JAR files (Selenium Jars, TestNG Jars, etc) under C:\Eclipse\JARs folder.

Now you can prepare your command.

1. Go to Project location
cd "C:\Eclipse\SeleniumProject"

2. Execute your testng.xml suite by setting the requied class path.
java -cp "bin;..\JARs\*" org.testng.TestNG testng.xml

-cp means class path
bin - bin path to look into class files to execute
..\JARs\* - to refer the JARs location and to include all JARs
testng.xml - assumed testng.xml file is under the project folder

Now it should run the tests. If working fine, then you can update the command in Jenkins.

Jenkins Job:

1. Go to Manage Jenkins --> Configure System and set the JDK installation path.
2. Create New Item of type Freestyle project
3. Under Build section, add build step of type Windows Execute Batch Command
4. Provide your commands and Save.
cd "C:\Eclipse\SeleniumProject"
java -cp "bin;..\JARs\*" org.testng.TestNG testng.xml
5. Now you can run and test.

Go to your newly created project and click Build Now. You can see the build process running and see the output.

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