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Monday, May 11, 2015

QTP - Object Identification - Prerequesties

While starting a new project or proof of concept or after new QTP installation, we would face the issue in identifying objects as QTP built objects like WinList, WebEdit, etc.; instead everything will be identified as WinObject.

Here are some steps to ensure you did the environment setup RIGHT before start automating.
  • Did you enabled required Add-ins only while launching
  • Did you selected "Record >> Record and Run Settings" - This should be based on what type of application you are working with

Windows app - Windows >> Record and run test on any windows applications.
Web app - Web >> Record and run test on any open browser.

  • Did you tried to launch UFT/QTP and then AUT.
  • If its web, ensure browser zoom level set to 100%
  • Try disabling the protected mode in IE for web.
Also see the Object Identification Methods if you are interested.

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