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Why Automation? Why Tools? Where is it useful?

Nowadays everywhere automation, automation, automation...

Most of the QA people talking about or willing to learn about UFT, Selenium, Webdriver, Appium, Perfecto, BDD, Cucumber, Specflow, etc...

Lot of common questions keep on asked by us...
1. Is manual testing replaced with AUTOMATION CODE?
2. Most of the recruiters asking Do you any tools in today's market? 
3. Is everything can be achieved by automation?
    and so on...

Let's discuss with the information we have and feel free to post your comments as well.

Manual testing never replaced with automation code

We cannot implement or code whatever a human tester will think or his intuitions: how a requirement should work.
Automation will be useful where;
1. Bulk set of repeated tests to be executed for each release
2. Test should be executed for multiple set of inputs
3. Validation or comparison kind of task with huge set of data
4. Data generation, etc.

Doing repeated tasks should be considered for automa…