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Selenium with AutoIt - Example

Many web applications contain HTML forms which interact with the user. The user is able to enter data in to the form fields and submit the data to a server. Selenium is able to handle form inputs such as entering text in text fields, selecting radio buttons, selecting a value from a drop-down menu and so on. Things get a little tricky when dealing with input form fields of type “file”, to allow users to browse for a file and attach the file to the HTML form and submit the file.So, what is the problem?
I can’t seem to use Selenium Core to upload a file; when I try to type in the file upload text field, nothing happens!There seems to be two inter-related problems:1 – Unfortunately, this is yet another JavaScript security restriction; JS is not allowed to modify the value of input type=”file” form fields. You can work around this by running your tests under Selenium IDE or under Selenium RC running in the experimental “*chrome” mode for Firefox, but at present there is no straight forward…

Selenium - Handling Windows

Testing web application is always fun and if you are automating your web application testing with Selenium, its even more fun. Unfortunately, like any other tool selenium has few limitations. One of the most annoying limitation of selenium is its inability to handle browser windows (Or any other expected or unexpected windows). When we automate any application which launches these windows (For example security warning windows, certifications windows and so on), we get stuck by the inability of selenium to handle them. I have seen people executing those automated tests but clicking on OK/Yes/Continue manually whenever these windows appear. This defies the whole purpose of automation, because tests can not be executed without human intervention.

Though it is not possible to solve this problem using Selenium (As far as I know), but we can certainly combine Selenium with other tools to solve it. One option is to use a small AutoIT script which will run in the background and wait for wind…

Selenium Remote Control - Introduction

Selenium IDE have limitations in terms of language support (Only Selenese - InBuilt Selenium Commands) and browser support (Firefox only) . These limitations can be diminished by using Selenium Remote Control. Selenium RC can be used for automating web applications for different web browsers on different platforms using your favorite language like JAVA, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby etc. You can use Selenium RC with or without Selenium IDE. Though, You might find it easier to start with Selenium IDE and than move to Selenium RC for customization and making your automation more robust. Selenium RC is a java server w…